Sen. Cotton: US Must Move Supply Chains Back From China

Sen. Cotton: US Must Move Supply Chains Back From China

The United States must move supply chains for medical devices and pharmaceuticals back from China after how the Asian nation handled the coronavirus outbreak, Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., said Monday. 

“China turned what could have been a local health problem in Wuhan into a global pandemic and there will have to be a reckoning once we’re through this pandemic,” Cotton told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.” “We need to look at all the other supply chains that we have in China that we should bring back to the United States.”

Cotton also Monday commented about whether there will be a fourth economic stimulus package, indicating another measure might be taken if the stress to the nation’s economy continues.

“I can tell you if it goes longer than expected, if we need to support the stressed families or doctors and nurses, we’ll do that,” Cotton said.

But if there is another package, Cotton vowed Democrats’ wishes also will not be part of it.

“[House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi is frustrated in part because she couldn’t get some of her most ideological wish list items into the bill,” Cotton said. “We didn’t do it this time; we won’t do it next time.”

The third emergency bill, passed last week, was a “historic piece of legislation,” Cotton added, noting it contained important to help families in need, rushes aid to doctors and nurses, and helps small businesses, and “we ought to see how those measures help our economy to survive.”

Meanwhile, there is no organization or business that has not been affected by the pandemic, but he said he finds reports the Kennedy Center is laying off musicians “disappointing,” after it received $25 million in federal funds.

“We’re looking into that,” Cotton said. “I would encourage every business, especially a business gets aid to try to hang onto those employees because you were strong, you were fundamentally sound two months ago. I think you will be in a couple of months.”

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