Cartoon Shows Real Reason Crime is Rising in NYC, Chicago, and Other Cities

Cartoon Shows Real Reason Crime is Rising in NYC, Chicago, and Other Cities

By now most readers know crime has and is dramatically increasing in America’s major cities.

But what could be causing the increase?

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If you listen to Democrats you’d think it all Trump’s fault, but is that true?

Here in one brutal cartoon is EXACTLY what is behind the increase in crime in big cities across the nation, and shows what Democrats and their media buddies are desperate to hide:

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Nails it!

Crime is on the rise because Democrats let thousands of prisoners out of jail as Covid was hitting, and because of their anti-police pro-criminal rhetoric and actions.

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Who could have ever predicted this kind of thing would happen?

De Blasio Acts Surprised Crimes Are Being Committed After He Emptied Jail Cells for COVID

In New York City, officials have set 1,400 criminals free before the end of their sentences in order to spare them exposure to the coronavirus spreading among inmates. Many of them have ended up back behind bars.

At least 50 of the released convicts committed crimes once again and have been returned to jail, the New York Post reported Sunday.

This wasn’t a big surprise to most people, but New York Mayor Bill de Blasio apparently didn’t see it coming.

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“I think it’s unconscionable just on a human level that folks were shown mercy and this is what some of them have done,” the Democrat said when asked about it during a news briefing Monday.

De Blasio’s comments reflect the left’s soft-on-crime approach; it is a mindset that all too often places the needs of criminals ahead of justice for victims and public safety.

The mayor appeared to be astonished, almost hurt, that his benevolent deed led to more crime. To everyone else, it was common sense and easy to predict.

The crimes are indeed the responsibility first and foremost of those who commit them, but officials who free the criminals are also to blame. This spate of illegal acts would not have occurred had the convicts remained where they belong: behind bars.

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The mayor maintains that only a small fraction of those released have returned to a life of crime and that the others are being closely monitored.

“We’re going to keep, you know, just buckling down on it, making sure there’s close monitoring and supervision,” de Blasio said.

He appears to be convinced that this grand gesture, this great humanitarian act, will penetrate the hearts of the newly freed convicts and lead them to a law-abiding existence. But this raises the question: If they had such refined sentiments, would they be in jail in the first place?

Consider the behavior of one inmate released from Rikers, the city’s main jail complex, after he had allegedly set his girlfriend’s door on fire and choked her mother, the Post reported. Once back on the streets, he allegedly repaid the public kindness by returning to the apartment and threatening to kill the whole family. He was then rearrested.

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Did this family deserve to be terrorized all over again? What if he had done more than just blasted menacing words?

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